Hashbrick vs. The Popcorn is the 4th episode of SpongeBong HempPants, it aired on June 5, 2015 on television, on and on YouTube.


The episode start until SpongeBong wears a inner tube without sandals shoes, but it walk in a shower room, SpongeBong blows out a goo holes and graps a soap, and eat it, and insert the hose, puffs up until soap coming out, next scene Hash brick was Shaving at work, and Spliffward was washing by a shower washing off by soap and bubbles in shower. But in next scene Crystal Meth was bronzing and was using a "Popcorn Speak Spanish Milk" and drinks it and eat popcorn Spanish. Crystal Meth is say "Aloha Amigos!" It was being walk out home. Next scene SpongeBong and Hashbrick was eating popcorn, and title bottle is "SpongeBong's Own Popcorn Fabricator" and Hashbrick eats a popcorn. But Crystal Meth was knocking a door. Hashbrick say "What the Hell, it's knocking." But SpongeBong forgot a about a mix goo holes by using a jar of "Goo Holes Mixing" and mix up on SpongeBong's Holes. Hashbrick opens a door, and Crystal Meth say "Aloha Hashbrick y SpongeBong." But Hashbrick and SpongeBong was not exposed to any king of drug Spanish. SpongeBong calls Mr. Crack and bringing use "No Speaking Spanish Juice" and walk out to THE CRUSTY CRACK HOUSE by walk in SpongeBong's House and Mrs. Bluffs and Mr. Crack was to safe, and drinks on Crystal Meth's mouth and Feel alive in Speak English. At the end of episode Crystal Meth and Friends was dancing.



  • Mrs. Bluffs is the sixth character in parodies of Mrs. Puff
  • This is the second time SpongeBong and Hashbrick weren't exposed to any kind of drug, the first time was Crystal Meth.
  • This was first one SpongeBong blow out goo holes and eats soap insert a hose puffing up and soap coming out.
  • Crystal Gem will Speak Spanish in Subtitle In English.
  • The scene where Hashbrick said "What the Hell, it's Knocking" has become an international phenomenon.


  • During the English subtitle it was SpongeBong is misspelled by as SpongeBob.
  • "Aloha" is actually a Hawaiian word. The Spanish word for "Hello" is "Hola."