Spliffward is a drug dealer that sells drugs to SpongeBong and Hashbrick. He lives in a home that is modeled after an

Spliffward as he appears on the show.

ash tray, and SpongeBong and Hashbrick have been known to cheat on him a couple of times in order to get drugs from him.


Spliffward is a rolled up joint with an allogator clip (roach) for a nose and has the same eyes as his real counterpart. A bit of seaweed can be seen coming out of his head, and his tentacle feet are actually the open ends of the joint.


Spliffward is a drug-dealer, so he lives by it. He refuses to give SpongeBong and Hashbrick any drugs if they don't pay him the correct amount of money. He is however, foolish, as he fell for SpongeBong and Hashbrick's plan to trade Mr. Crack's stereo for sea-weed. He also didn't notice that Crystal Meth stole his wallet.


  • Spliffward is a parody of Squidward Tentacles.
  • His full name is Spliffward Testacles.